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  • Who am I?

    Who am I?

    Whether for print, web or even film and music, being a graphic designer is not just about what you do in your day to day job, but everything about the person you are.

    I’m a freelance graphic and web designer who takes his work pretty seriously. I was born and raised in Birmingham in the West Midlands, but a few years ago I settled in Worcestershire. I’ve worked as a designer on and off now for a fair few years, taking a break in-between for 5 years and becoming an Apple Mac Technician. So not only can I design, produce and manage a great website for you, but I can also fix any mac problems you may have … well, most of them!

  • Collage years

    Collage years

    Growing up I was constantly drawing, and being a Marvel & DC Comics collector I was mainly drawing my favourite character Batman, at one point I dreamt of becoming a comics illustrator, however as time went on I realised it was only ever the character I was interested in sketching and not the backgrounds.

    After senior school I was lucky enough to be accepted to Bournville Collage of Art and Design, in Birmingham to study Graphic Design and it was here that I was introduced to the delights of Design, Typography, Print and Photography and the best part, we were taught by Designers and Illustrators who were actually earning a living working in the outside world as well as traditional collage lecturers.

    Unfortunately the college no longer exists as it was amalgamated with the Birmingham University campus. Such a shame, as the surroundings were such a creative environment.

    Every serif on a font we reproduced by hand was explained in great detail by a visiting woman that owned her own successful Design Agency. Media design, how Graphics was used in the media was demonstrated and taught by a BBC production director.

  • People to look up to

    People to look up to

    I found it captivating to have real people that worked in the industry, teach us the "tricks of the trade" and to know that I could one day earn my own living by actually doing what I enjoyed … drawing. We even had an illustrator teaching Illustration, who at the time had worked on album covers that we all recognised plus he was working on future projects for groups of the day.

    But what each of these people had in common was that they themselves as a person were creative, even down to how they dressed. I vividly remember the Typography woman having an umbrella with the handle ending in the head of a parrot,  just like Mary Poppins, … everywhere she went the umbrella went with her … for all I know, she may have even talked to it!

  • Personal Blog

    Personal Blog

    I’m a massive Batman fanatic and along with my own blog where I post bits of news that I find interesting regarding Superheros in films and TV I’ve also become interested in the world of cosplay. I’ve designed and created my own version of a Batman costume. Again, you can check all this out on my own website, which is also an example of a managed website with updates and managed content.

    I’m also a musician and have played Bass Guitar since the age of 14, playing in bands around the Midlands … in one band we almost got signed … but that’s another story!

  • Apple Macs

    Apple Macs

    Many things have changed in the world of design since those enjoyable and informative days of collage and one of those is the rise and sheer explosion of the internet and web design. I think I was lucky, as I was taught all the traditional ways of design, I actually had to use a pencil. It was a fair few years before I was introduced to the world of the Apple Macs and programmes like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and then my love for creativity exploded.

    In the beginning the web was all about a presence for a company. Now it’s so much more than a website being about simply looking good or amazing. For many business’s it’s about goals and how a business can expand its sales.

  • It's not just about looking good!

    It's not just about looking good!

    Many will tell you that you need a good looking website and it’s very true, as a company you do. But there is a lot of competition out there and it’s NOT just about a website looking good, it’s also about how a website is managed and maintained.

    No website will make you or your business successful by simply sitting there and looking pretty. Many web designers seem to exclude this vital piece of information when pitching their ideas.

    An effective website is one that is constantly updated with new information.

    Can I make your website look great? Of course … but it’s the content that will get your website noticed!

    I am available to work on new projects most of the time and if not straight away, we can have a chat and work out a time table to suit you.

    If you would like to discuss this with me, then please do get in touch and we can have a chat about your project in a bit more detail.

    I am also available for work with agencies, give me a call for my day rate.

    No client is too big or too small.

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